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At the ‘Ilayda Kindergarden’ children from the ages of 3-4, 4-5 and 5-6 are being supervised in groups. All classes and trainings are being conducted by experienced teachers. The kindergarden provides excellent service, feeding four times a day and ensures full security to your child. The kindergarden is located in the nearby two-storey building and has a large yard attached to it. The building and yard are used by the kindergarden only


Here's a little about what we're up to.

The kindergarden is working with the children on improving their speech, arithmetics, writing skills, become acquainted with the outside world, engineerial thinking, drawing, application, music, physical education, gymnastics and foreign languages (english and russian). Further to the kindergarden, an Education Center is part of this complex. The center prepares children until the entrance of first grade, following the “Lomonsov school” syllabus. Classes in logical thinking and chess are offered and at the request of the parents, specialists in child psychology and speech-language pathology can be invited for sessions.


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(+99412) 561-07-68; (+99451) 511-27-25

Address: Baku city, Binagadi district, Shahid Ferman Malikov yard, Xarici Dairevi street 2N